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Saving money is by far the most important thing that  people think about when they are travelling. That's why many people now  believe that they can save more money when they are going for car rental rather  than driving their own car. If you are going for car rentals you need to make  sure that you check some of the best sites that can provide you with  better deals for car rental. Although, there are many sites that offer car rental options you can use some better ideas that can help you  save more.
If you opt to go for a car rental and if you are interested  in buying more options like damage insurance then it is better that you compare  those prices as well when you are doing Your research on the internet. There are many car  rental companies that do provide better damage insurance rates so it is wise to  compare them before you go for of the deals available online.
Most car rental companies have a different mileage policy so make sure that you know this policy before you actually buy the deal.  If you are not fully aware how it works you should look out for other companies that can provide you with rental options. Have in mind that certain  companies will charge you additional for the mileage policy which you do not  want to happen, why pay extra, right?
Try to search for companies that can provide you with an airport pickup options. This will help you to save more money because when you  go for airport pickup options you will have to pay more for the car rental  services.
Booking a car a few days or even weeks in advance is another good thing that you  should always keep in mind. If you have travel plans you should do your reseacrh right away and as earlly as possible because that way you can save even more money. If you  try to book a car at the last moment then you will end up paying more than  what you normally should because there are bookings done by other consumers as  well. In some cases, you might not get a smaller vehicle at the last moment and  you might end up booking a larger one without any options which can and probaly will cost more.
Another thing to have in mind is that there are car rental companies that have their own  schedule and therefore they provide better discounts and offers for weekdays or on the slow weekends.  If you can change your travel plans you should always make use of the  schemes they provide. This will help you to save more without  doing anything extra.
There are many car rental companies that also offer hotel  bookings and other holiday packages on their site. Now, if you are going for a  holiday it will be wise to do hotel booking from the same company or website  because then they will provide you with better car rental deals that you can  enjoy.
And one last thing to consider - when you are selecting your car you should think about which car will be right for you. If you are going alone it is better that you go for a smaller vehicles, but if you are with your family then you have no choice but to go for midsize vehicles. You can always upgrade later on if they have any  options to upgrade for free , as some companies do often, and make that choice on the spot.
There are various websites that also allow you to make use  of coupons so you can always use  those coupons to get more discounts on  your deals. This will make it better for you to get good discounts without  searching more for the deals that are ongoing. Enjoy your travels and have a great time whatever you go!